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Endless Pool Diagram

One to One tuition has long been accepted as the fastest most efficient way to learn.

This learning process is then further enhanced with the use of underwater video equipment;
the swimmer can watch demonstrations and then see their own efforts played back immediately. The Endless Pool means the instructor is never more then a few feet away from the swimmer, much improving the communication. Mirrors in and above the pool give the swimmer instant feedback on their movements.

The size and depth of the pool, and it's complete privacy make the learning process far less daunting for adult and child alike. For children learning in an endless pool is great fun, and the more you enjoy something the faster you learn.

From the very beginning swimmers are taught how to use the water to their advantage.

Teaching correct posture and body position in the water are key to efficient smooth swimming with the minimum of effort.

Correct body line and posture reduces the drag and resistance which are the swimmers biggest enemy in moving through the water. When the posture is correct this leaves the arms and legs free for the job of propulsion rather then balancing or aiding rotation.

Depending on the ability of the swimmer, Stroke Improvement Courses will take the swimmer right back to basics. Then using specific drills, rebuild the stroke, all the time being aided by the use of underwater filming, mirrors and instructional DVD’s.

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