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For most Triatheletes the swimming leg of the Triathlon is the one they find the most
challenging. More often than not this is down to a poor stroke technique causing an inefficient and energy consuming swim.

It doesn’t have to be like that. At Perfect Strokes we can analyse your stroke from multiple angles both above and below the water using the latest in underwater videoing techniques.

Once the key areas for improvement have been identified we will teach you the corrective drills to make your stroke fast and smooth saving you precious energy for the cycle and run.

Our instant play back facilities with Quad and Picture in Picture displays when coupled with the underwater mirrors and use of the Endless Pool give you the perfect environment to achieve in hours what would normally take many months in a conventional swimming pool.
Your session and drills will be recorded on to DVD with bespoke voice over for later study.

To see dramatic improvements in your stroke, contact us now